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  • Moving Unified Communications to the cloud combines the better of two worlds:  a predictable, simple Operating Expense (OPEX) model combined with the “evergreen” availability of advanced features and functionality.  But it has not always been this way…Centrex subscribers have long coveted the advanced features and functionality that their PBX brothers and sisters have enjoyed: telework capabilities, Unified Messaging, integrated collaboration features and complementary or stand-alone softphone capabilities.  As premises VOIP and UC systems approach “legacy” status, however, many PBX owners have secretly cast a jealous eye to their Centrex siblings, who have enjoyed the benefits of a predictable budget and avoiding the iterative cycle of recurring upgrades, perpetual maintenance costs and forced obsolescence. 

  • Disaster Recovery planning for your organization can be challenging.  The need to restore operations quickly in the event of a major service interruption is critical:  from the loss of revenue to the inability of your customers to communicate with you and potentially losing faith in your services.  Add to this the actual expense  of recovery, and it becomes an extremely costly event.

  • Large Federal agencies are challenged every day to achieve their mission under the mantras of “do more with less” and “work smarter, not harder.” The prevailing sentiment is that “technology is a force multiplier” in the ongoing effort to reduce cost, “improve operational efficiencies” and to “enhance the customer experience,” (internal or external) all wrapped with a very neat security “bow.”  Unified communicationscontact centercollaboration, virtualizationsecurity, “the cloud:” the promise of conquering any and all challenges with complex, next generation solutions is alluring, and there is no shortage of solution providers lining up for their share of the every dwindling IT budget

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    Whether it’s speaking to citizens on the phone, web-conferencing with staff in different locations or sharing files with partners, effective daily communication is paramount to government organizations of all shapes and sizes.

  • Building on a larger trend  towards cloud adoption among  government organizations, a recent  Frost & Sullivan report confirms (as reported by IPC) that “governments around the world are in various stages of UC implementation as part of their ongoing digital transformation.”

  • Today we insist upon instant communication — both in our personal and professional lives. With the right tools in place, we can immediately find, explore and share information.

  • In today’s hyper-connected world, sitting around for a phone call is no longer practical. You need a more efficient way to stay in touch with the people who matter most to your business. UCaaS gives you the power to select the right communications tool for every situation. By uniting voice, video, messaging, and collaboration in the cloud, you’ll have the flexibility to stay connected from any device you choose.

  • The rush to meet the terms of the federal government’s cloud-first guidelines to implement cloud-based services has prompted agencies to begin migrating mission-based apps, email, and enterprise applications to the cloud. It doesn’t stop there. In an effort to collaborate more effectively, agencies have also started considering moving their communications systems to the cloud.

  • Choosing a Unified Communications System can be quite an undertaking. With plenty of solutions available, it is critical to strategically implement a plan to meet the needs of your business. In order to do this, the first step is to have clear expectations in mind when choosing a system. Consider the following questions before choosing a UC system.

  • Collab9 has been a UCaaS provider since its inception in 2013. However, unlike most other UCaaS payers, Collab9 has created a highly differentiated and specialized offer focused on the Federal and SLED markets. Collab9 has built the world’s only FedRAMP (Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program) certified program and VOSS was particularly delighted when they announced that they had been awarded FedRAMP authorization at the end of July this year.


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