ACT-IAC Imagine Nation ELC Event Reimagines Government IT

ACT-IAC Imagine Naiton ELC Key Takeaways

Last week, more than 1000 federal government decision makers and 30 technology partners embarked on a journey to discover where IT Modernization could take federal agencies at the ACT-IAC Imagine Nation ELC 2018 event. Collab9 and our team had a great time networking and speaking with participants on the future of technology for government agencies in the city of our founding fathers, Philadelphia, PA. The event was filled with high-quality attendees, vendors, and presenters. Here’s the key takeaways:

Reimagining Government IT Survey

One of the big takeaways to come out of the ACT-IAC Imagine Nation Conference in Philadelphia last week was the release of the Reimagining Government IT Survey results.  The collaboration between the ACT-IAC and Meritalk compiled statistics from over 300 Federal IT, finance and procurement decision makers, and looked to understand where agency leaders believe the state of IT Modernization in the public sector is headed.

The report defined IT Modernization as “building a more modern and secure architecture for Federal IT systems to improve citizen-facing services, make better use of emerging technologies, and improve security across the federal enterprise.” Overwhelmingly, the surveyed professionals felt that IT Modernization in Federal Agencies was at the tipping point, with 94% stating they have felt the shift in momentum towards modernization and 53% saying this shift has been significant. However, the way forward is not clear, and they still believe there is a long way to go before the true modernization of government IT is achieved. You can read the entire report here.

GSA’s Emily Murphy talks Transformation, Automation, and Modernization

GSA Administrator Emily Murphy shared key insights into the General Services Administration’s efforts to reimagine its delivery efforts and meet their mission goals in new and even more efficient ways. Fed Tech Magazine reports how the agency has cut down the number of their contracts to 24, improved its ordering catalog and added service contracts with no pricing. The purpose is to encourage competition. Murphy shared: “what the GSA is enabling now, it’s not goods, not services, it’s solutions.” And further, with the updates to the ordering process, has “enabled agency customers to buy solutions, and industry partners to deliver solutions.”

Emerging Tech Helps USDA, Interior, and USCIS Innovate

Furthering agency efforts to aid constituents, Imagine Nation ELC highlighted the experiences of several agencies utilizing cutting-edge technology to enhance the delivery of their missions. The technology included things like GoPro for the USDA, Drones for Interior and Virtual Assistants for USCIS.  Fed Tech Magazine shares a few details on how these technologies enabled innovation for these agencies:

USDA and GoPros: The USDA was experiencing significant churn in new employees when working for the Food and Safety Inspection Service as, once on the job, applicants found it was not what they were expecting when they were initially hired. To save the cost and resources of recruiting and training these new employees, the USDA came up with the idea of GoPros and video editing software to produce a video which provides first-hand insights into the environment prospective employees would be entering into and what an average day consisted of. The results showed that 20-25% of the applicants were immediately weeded out of the mix, enabling the USDA to focus  time and resources into individuals who were more likely to continue long-term with the agency.

Interior Department and Drones: During the eruption of the Kilauea Volcano in Hawaii, the Interior Department used drones to reach places unreachable by humans and were able to determine which direction and how fast the lava was flowing. This critical information enabled first responders to effectively target the resulting fires and inform residents in the path of the lava when they needed to move.

Virtual Assistant helps Immigrants with USCIS: Virtual Assistant, Emma, has been assisting immigrants to find the answers to their questions for the last three years. With an “I don’t know” rate of just 6-8%, she can provide answers to 12 Million questions a year, which is almost the amount of questions the entire USCIS call center receives (15 Million).

Agencies are eagerly counting down to the end of TIC

With Agencies such as the Small Business Association successfully implementing modern tools and cloud solutions without utilizing the TIC infrastructure, the future of network security for agencies is changing, and the TIC will become a memory of days gone by. Taking results from the efforts of agencies like the SBA, the Office of Management and Budget has said that a new policy will be released soon. Deputy CIO of the OMB, Margie Graves, said in this article in Fed Tech Magazine, “We’re going to repeal and replace the old policy with a new policy, and the new policy will allow us to drive forward.”

The Future of Government Technology is Bright

One thing was abundantly clear during the Imagine Nation ELC 2018 conference, and that is that things are moving forward with the modernization of Government Technology. Emerging technology like AI and drones and more traditional but modern technology like UCaaS continue to make headway in the public sector. The future is bright for government technology.

None of this is surprising to us here at collab9. We have worked with many agencies, including the Defense Nuclear Facilities Safety Board (DNFSB) and U.S. Customs and Border Control, to help agencies address the challenges of a modern workforce. As the nature of work changes and workers are increasingly mobile and geographically dispersed, the public sector needs to adapt and equip their communications systems to meet the demands of a mobile workforce. Cloud solutions like UCaaS are the answer to this challenge, by enabling an integrated and consistent experience across multiple applications and devices including voice, IM, presence, audio/video/web conferencing and customer platforms apps work together, furthering the objective of more efficient communication.

Is your agency ready to embrace modern communications solutions like UCaaS?  Contact us today and get started.

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