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As Government Flocks to Cloud, UCaaS Offers Real-World Benefits

Building on a larger trend  towards cloud adoption among  government organizations, a recent  Frost & Sullivan report confirms (as reported by IPC) that “governments around the world are in various stages of UC implementation as part of their ongoing digital transformation.”

Government agencies, particularly larger ones, stand to gain a number of benefits from a unified communications platform.

By embracing UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), agencies can break down the complexity in their day-to-day operations, cut costs, and significantly boost productivity. 

UCaaS Offers Real World Benefits

Why do Governments Need UCaaS?

For the most part, the greatest benefit a unified communications platform offers is cost reduction. By migrating their voice and collaboration systems to the cloud, government agencies can gain the following financial benefits:

  • Reduction of hard and soft infrastructure cost
  • Decreased burden on internal staff, who will no longer be responsible for maintenance and upgrades
  • Enhanced end user productivity

Real-world Benefits of Using UCaaS

There are a number of reasons government agencies need to utilize a hosted UC (unified communications) platform, particularly those that have several geographically dispersed office locations. This has been a challenge faced by governments running at the state and federal level where employees need to quickly and efficiently communicate while working from different offices.

Apart from the ability to allow government employees to connect in real time, a UCaaS platform can significantly boost employee productivity. Easier, real-time interfaces allow employees to utilize existing technologies and react quickly to changing work conditions, rather than playing “message tag.”

Real-World benefits of using UCaaS

With security a top priority for government organizations, agencies don’t need to fear security compromises in the cloud. As the first and America's First FedRAMP authorized UCaaS provider, collab9 offers a voice and collaboration solution catering to the unique security requirements in the public sector. The collab9 solution can also integrate with a government agency’s existing network security protocol and policy controls in order to further protect information flow.

Furthermore, UC technology can relieve pressure on the government organization’s internal IT personnel and decrease the complexity of their IT infrastructure. With a hosted unified communications solution, the service provider manages maintenance and upkeep, freeing up internal IT staff to focus on more critical initiatives. Since UC technology is hosted virtually in the service provider’s data center, the agency doesn’t have the burden of maintaining infrastructure on-site.

Final Thoughts

A unified communications platform has a lot to offer to government organizations – namely reduced operational complexities and inefficiencies, heightened productivity and lower overall cost.

To learn more, see an overview of our FedRAMP authorized UCaaS solution, or request information

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