Avaya Engage 2018 Event Recap

Last month, Avaya’s partner community met in New Orleans to discuss the future of communications and digital transformation. Topics were wide-ranging, covering how to migrate from an on-premises solution to the cloud, the Internet of Things (IoT) and digital transformation. More than 3,000 of Avaya partners, customers and executives met to collaborate and learn about the future of communications and the impact of digital transformation. Here’s what we learned.

Avaya Engage 2018 Event Recap – collab9

Avaya is back

After a year of rebuilding in 2017, 2018 seems to be off to a great start for Avaya. On January 17th, Avaya opened trading on the New York Stock Exchange. Industry analyst Dave Michels shared his impression of Avaya Engage in this video and here is a snapshot of what he said:

  • The leadership team is coming together with the hiring of CEO Jim Chirico and naming new members of the leadership team
  • A new Avaya has emerged
  • Cloud, mobile and security enhancements are leaving the lab and entering production
  • Avaya has co-engineered with Spoken to make Aura a multi-tenant platform
  • And Avaya is jumpstarting it’s Cloud Unified Communications Solution

“Think Avaya, Think Cloud”

One of the biggest takeaways of the event was that Avaya continues to expand its cloud market presence with a “cloud-first” strategy. The event started out with a bang with the announcement of a key strategic acquisition, of Spoken, a cloud-based contact center product. Additionally, Avaya added cloud-focused enhancements to their core product suite, including Equinox and Ava, driving Avaya’s new “Think Avaya, Think Cloud” strategy.

Search Unified Communications reports that only a small amount of Avaya’s customer base uses their cloud-based offerings, causing them to fall behind Microsoft and Cisco. But the market for Unified Communications is growing rapidly in the private sphere, and Avaya still has room to make a play. Elka Popova, an analyst with Frost & Sullivan, said: “The current executive team is determined to shift Avaya’s focus to the cloud in terms of both technology and business model.”

What’s ahead for Avaya

UC Today states that 2018 will be “a year of development and growth.” As organizations continue to make gains in working towards Digital Transformation, Avaya plans to follow the trend by continuing the transition from a primarily premises-based, hardware solution provider to a cloud based, subscription based service provider. With the change in leadership has come a change in culture and a reduction in complexity in the leadership team, further enhancing the company’s agility.

Collab9 Looks Forward to Bringing Avaya Solutions to Agencies

Late last year, Collab9 and Avaya announced a partnership to deliver Avaya’s Aura Communications Platform to government agencies. This collaboration enables federal agencies to implement risk mitigating, cost effective UC solutions, allowing for modernization of their communications solutions while decreasing that bottom-line. Learn more about how you can take advantage of the technology on our blog or on our Avaya Landing Page.

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