Enterprise Connect 2018 Event Recap

The number of FedRAMP approved cloud providers is up to 96 with another 81 providers in the process of approval, according to FedScoop, signifying the acceleration of the pace of adoption in the government. With this in mind, collab9 headed off to Enterprise Connect to learn about the latest tools available in the Unified Communications industry. Here are a few of the things we’ve learned.

Enterprise Connect 2018 Event Recap – collab9

Avaya Shares Their Vision For “Transforming The Business.”

Unified Communications provider, Avaya, shared their vision for the “new Avaya.”  Including “…staying true to our open strategy, simplifying and automating our solutions, by associating instant gratification with functional richness, by making sure that we keep bringing you solutions that you can depend on to run your business and innovate for the long term.”  SVP & GM of Solutions & Technology at Avaya, Laurent Philnenko went on to share how Avaya sees transformation as “openness and integration.”

Blending the Old with the New

A panel of industry leaders including 8×8, Twilio, Microsoft and Vonage shared insights into the future of software communications. The main takeaway, according to Michelle Burbick of NoJitter, “While transformation is underway in organizations in many different forms, every enterprise — no matter what they’re working to transform — will go at the pace that works for their business and their users.” She goes on to share that vendors ultimately need to find a way to blend the old with the new and that those who offer an easy path to transformation will be the ones who win.

AVST Merges with XMedius

The recently merged organizations showcased their combined collection of communications products, including a complete suite of enterprise-grade communications applications. The combined company is “improving the productivity of their customers while enabling end-to-end secure communications.”

What’s next?

The path is clear, and that is to the cloud for enterprise communications.  And the public sector should take note.  Best-of-Breed, allowing government agencies to combine the best of the old with the new and migrate on a timeline that fits with their mission and budget, offers an easy path to transformation.   We invite you to keep reading on how Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) solutions can modernize your agency’s communications solution:

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