Five Ways AVST and Collab9’s New Joint Offering Can Benefit Your Agency

Collab9 has teamed with AVST, the trusted developer of enterprise-class Unified Communications (UC) solutions, and is now delivering a joint offering that combines AVST’s best-of-breed UC applications with collab9’s FedRAMP authorized Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform. This multi-vendor solution, like all collab9 solutions, was designed to meet NIST cloud security standards. As a result, federal, state and local agencies can leverage a secure platform in order to accelerate their cloud migration and digital transformation initiatives.

Why Secure Cloud Communications?

Many government agencies began their transition to the cloud with their email platforms. For these agencies with hosted email already in place, migrating to a cloud-based voice and collaboration solution is a logical next step. Further incentivizing upgrades to the new AVST/collab9 solution is its FedRAMP authorization, which can save agencies significant time and resources during their security assessment.

Benefits of AVST and Collab9’s Secure Cloud Communications for Government

In addition to accelerating cloud adoption in the public sector, AVST and collab9 can help agencies achieve a number of strategic objectives. With the incessant discussion about digital transformation in government, UCaaS can help your agency modernize. Communication systems are often central to government operations; however, upgrading to a cloud-based platform does not require a complete overhaul of legacy equipment or existing infrastructure.

Agencies can migrate to this cloud-based solution efficiently, without making a huge capital investment. There is also the considerable value of increased worker productivity and mobility support, which can both significantly impact agency output.

This cloud-based solution also introduces new efficiencies when it comes to maintenance and upgrades. With those functions lying in the hands of the provider – in this case, collab9 –  internal agency staff can focus on other, more strategic work.

Steps Agencies Can Take Towards Secure Cloud Communications

Visit our AVST webpage for more information about this best-of-breed UCaaS solution. You can also see the announcement for more details on the partnership between AVST and collab9.

Agencies considering cloud communications can contact us to coordinate a discovery call with our team of public sector specialists.

5 Benefits of UCaaS for Government
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