Government IT News Round Up – November 2017

The government IT media has shared a number of insightful findings and resources in recent weeks. See below for some of the highlights and links to read the articles in full.

Federal IT News

Four Steps CIOs Can Take Now to Prepare for the MGT Act

This article from FedScoop suggests that agencies should “start planning now” for the Modernizing Government Technology Act (MGT Act) – one of the most anticipated IT bills, that is expected to become law this year. It goes on to offer four steps agencies can take to prepare for the bill.

Government IT News Round Up – November 2017

Cybersecurity: Don’t Panic & Manage Your Risk

In this interview with Brigadier General Greg Touhill by Federal News Radio, the retired general shares his views on cybersecurity. “He argues that today’s security is in a fast-moving dynamic environment where one needs to be able to articulate risks as well as use edge technology like SDP to protect valuable assets.”

3 Agency Must-Have Technologies for Ransomware Defense

What three technologies should federal government agencies have in place to safeguard against ransomware? This NextGov article weighs in…

State IT News

Cybersecurity Thwarts Productivity and Innovation, Report Says

This insightful article covers a survey of 500 CIOs in the United States, UK and Germany about the impact of cybersecurity on productivity and innovation. It found that: “74 percent of respondents said end users were frustrated by how security requirements disrupt operations.” While cybersecurity practices are essential, this article suggests they may be impacting the adoption of new technology.

One-Stop Shopping for State Services on Its Way

A hot topic at this year’s National Association of State Chief Information Officers (NASCIO) conference in Austin was the concept of a single-stop web portal where users access state services via an “Amazon-like” shopping experience. “They say creating a single portal that would offer online services seamlessly would lower costs for states and make things easier for the public. But they admit it’s a complex task, and states’ cybersecurity concerns make it even more of a challenge.”

NASCIO Survey Highlights IT Consolidation, Cybersecurity Progress

In its eighth annual survey of state CIOs, NASCIO highlights a number of key findings about the current landscape in state government technology. Among the key findings: 95% of surveyed CIOs said they “had adopted a cybersecurity framework based on national standards or guidelines.”  Looking forward, “43 percent of state CIOs see internet-of-things devices as having the largest impact on their operations in the next three to five years,” while 29% of respondents said machine learning capabilities were top of mind.

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