Government IT News Roundup – October 2017

Federal news outlets have been abuzz with cloud-related news. Are you up to speed?

We’ve compiled the most relevant links for easy reference. All in all, you can read this week’s news highlights in 15 minutes or less.

Federal IT News

Government IT News Roundup – October 2017

Cloud Security is the Future of the Government’s Hack Protection

This Federal News Radio article suggests that a focus on cloud computing in government can help safeguard against increasingly sophisticated forms of hacking. It’s cited that 43% of the US government’s IT budget in 2016 was spent on infrastructure; however, widespread changes in government IT often face challenges falling behind on schedule or over budget. This article suggests that by opting for cloud-based solutions, federal government agencies can help “trim budgets,” gain “speed,” and take advantage of “more comprehensive security options.”

4 IT Modernization Moves SBA is Making Right Now

In an article focusing on four recent modernization moves made by the Small Business Administration, it’s said that the agency “Has been gradually moving its IT operations to the cloud with the bar set to acquire no new hardware as a result of the shift.”

Cloud is the Foundation of IT Modernization: Strategies for Smooth Cloud Migration

With the Modernizing Government Technology Act expected to pass, it’s likely that $250 million in IT modernization funds will become available to federal government agencies. The position of this article is that, of the many options for IT modernization available to federal government, the cloud is “one of the wisest investments that federal CIOs can make.”

Aggressive FedRAMP Goals Coincide With Increasing Cloud Reliance

This article recounts a panel discussion podcast held by Federal News Radio focusing on FedRAMP and how it will evolve and improve in the future. Among the changes the program plans to roll out are educational resources for government IT officials “where they can share best practices and learn about available solutions.”

State IT News

3 Reasons Why State and Local Government Can Benefit from Hosted UC

As the second most common cloud workload after email, cloud unified communications are becoming increasingly prevalent, including in the public sector. Read this article to find out three benefits agencies can get by moving to a cloud-based platform.

What it Means to Deal with Outdated IT Infrastructure

With 90 percent of state  CIOs estimating that 20 percent of more of their systems are “due for replacement or modernization,” aging infrastructure is a common problem among state agencies.  This article explores just what that looks like, as well as what state agencies can do to improve IT, even when dealing with legacy systems.

Innovate Your State: What Cool Technologies Should Government Consider Implementing?

On September 13, the third annual Civic & Tech Showcase took place in San Jose, California. Among the 16 technology presentations was an anti-graffiti drone, which “stole the show.” See the GovTech article for a full recap of the showcase.

Additional Public Sector Cloud Resources

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