Government News Roundup – February 2018 Edition

Government News Roundup - February 2018
White House Releases Final IT Modernization Report

The report details the recommendations for modernizing the federal government, including an emphasis on cloud solutions and shared services.

Government CIO Top 10 New Tech Investments in 2018

Cloud services rank number 1 on this list put together by Forbes Magazine.  Communications also rank as number 7 and 8.  See what other trends are coming to agencies in the upcoming year.

Go Beyond IT Modernization to Boost Cybersecurity, DHS Official Says

Agencies need to do more than just update the technology being utilized to boost their Cybersecurity skills, but also overhaul the procurement process.

Digital Transformation Depends on Cloud Foundation

The cloud can deliver better results at a lower cost to meet citizen’s demands.  Learn more about how cloud solutions can put your agency on the path to more powerful IT solutions.

Clinging to Old TIC–Perhaps a Nervous Tic?

Industry and government voice are calling for a change in the design of the TIC architecture, but implementing it has a variety of challenges.


IT Modernization Empowers Government to Innovate

Modernization offers significant benefits to state and local agencies, but how does one get started?  This article lists some helpful tips to help your agency get on the path to IT Modernization.

State and Local IT Departments Take Steps to Prepare for Disasters

Citizens look to their local government to keep infrastructure in tact during disasters.  Cloud solutions can be vital to agencies.  Read more about steps your agency can take to prepare for disasters in this article.

Three Benefits of Effective Government Cloud

Cloud solutions provide many benefits to state and local agencies, including a reduction in IT costs.   See more benefits of migrating to the cloud in this piece.

Localities Cut Costs and Up Security with Customized Cloud Use Cases

By migrating to the cloud, agencies are cutting costs while increasing the strength of their cybersecurity.  Read more about how agencies are taking advantage of the many benefits of cloud solutions.

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