Government News Roundup – January 2018

With the advent of the New Year, theories and predictions for the coming year dominate the blogs and forums of government analysts and pundits alike. Below is a collection of our favorites.

Government News Roundup - January 2018

Five Federal IT Trends to Watch in 2018

IT modernization, Cybersecurity, and standards for IoT top the list of GovTech Works trends for the coming year.

White House: Federal Government Must Accelerate Cloud Adoption in 2018

Report from the White House lays out a blueprint to accelerate the Governments move to cloud services.

The Analog Keys to a Smart Digital Strategy

Are you struggling to get cloud solutions moving forward in your agency?  Here’s how you can make a case for digital transformation.

What is the Future of Federal IT Modernization?

An executive order is tying the security of federal IT systems and networks with IT Modernization, and this has the potential to accelerate the speed of adoption of cloud services.


With legacy systems and growing citizen demand, states see advantages with cloud

In this podcast, leaders from both Michigan and Illinois discuss the cloud strategies being employed and how the technology addresses their state’s challenge.

Localities Cut Costs and Up Security with Customized Cloud Use Cases

Cloud solutions are helping state and local governments to improve usability and security of their systems while simultaneously reducing budgets.

States look for Visibility While Crafting Future-Ready Technology Budgets

In this podcast from State Scoop, technology leaders from Alaska, Hawaii, and Ohio discuss their budget environments and how they are working to fund technological advances for their state.

Statewide Approach to Cybersecurity Monitoring in California Brings Better Visibility, Faster Threat Detection

In a state that spends the most annually on technology, California is rethinking the way it protects itself against cyber threats with the creation of a special committee on security.

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