Government News Roundup – July 2018 Edition

Government News Roundup - July 2018

Federal Government

Executive Order Enables CIOs to Effectively Modernize

Federal CIOs are now in the driver’s seat, thanks to the White House’s recent executive order.

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Fact or Fiction? Debunking Government Cloud Myths

The Cloud is not secure. Costs too much. Hinders agency performance. What is real and what is a myth? Meritalk explores what is Fact or Fiction for Government Cloud solutions.

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IT Modernization Plays a Central Role in Trump’s Government Reorganization Plan

POTUS’s government wide reform plan calls for the use of modern technology to enhance service delivery to constituents.

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How the Feds Can Manage the Growing Pains of Technology Modernization

Software-based infrastructure is an ideal solution to agency modernization efforts, allowing agencies to be more agile with their technology.

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State and Local Government

North Dakota’s IT Unification Effort is No Easy Task

North Dakota’s CIO calls for #cloud migration to help unify disparate IT departments.

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Why is FedRAMP Important for State and Local Agencies?

FedRAMP may have been created for federal agencies, but state and local agencies can still benefit from this framework when evaluating cloud solutions.

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After 22 Years, Delaware’s Top Security Official is Retiring

Who will replace Chief Security Officer, Elayne Starkey?

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Long Beach, CA Names New Director of Technology and Innovation

Lea Erikson brings over 20 years of local Government experience to the role she began on June 22.

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