Government News Roundup – June 2018 Edition

Government News Roundup - June 2018

3 Ways Agencies can Improve IT Immediately

Improving and modernizing IT may be easier than you think. The Federal Times shares 3 simple things Agencies can do to modernize and improve IT

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Implementation of the Technology Modernization Fund for Federal Agencies

Thanks to the MGT Act and with the help of the TMF, Agencies can modernize with the same level of flexibility that the private sector has.

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Agencies Slide in the new FITARA scorecard

Agencies FITARA scores fall in the latest scorecard. Find out why:

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Will an IT update revamp government?

According to FCW, “The centerpiece of the White House modernization plan envisions a federal government that is largely powered by the cloud.“

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Federal CIOs, racing to modernize IT, get a boost from the White House

Thanks to the White House, Federal CIOs get a boost in the effort to modernize cloud solutions.

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Florida’s Retirement Problem and Its Role in IT Modernization

The state of Florida is getting a boost to aging IT infrastructure due to the majority of their IT Staff retiring.

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How Unified-Communications-as-a-Service (UCaaS) Protects State and Local Agencies’ Ability to Communicate in Disasters

This article shares 4 steps to ensure the disaster readiness of your agency.

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Small Towns Confront Big Cyber Risks

Small towns are not immune to cyber security risks, but thanks to limited resources, creativity is required to ensure the security of their citizens.

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