How UCaaS Enables Telework for Government Agencies

In a recent article published citing the benefits government agencies can achieve by using a hosted UC solution, it was found that low cost of ownership, agility and ease of use were the three top reasons that agencies are migrating to the solution. But there is an added benefit.

With a workforce that predominantly skews older, and some of its top talent nearing retirement, it’s imperative that the public sector expand its workforce with millennial recruits. However, a recent report from the Partnership for Public Service found that only 7% of the Government workforce are Millennials, compared to 23% in the private sector.   As of 2015, Millennials made up ⅓ of the workforce and have surpassed Gen-X as the largest generation in the office.  These digital natives bring a wealth of benefits to the workforce, of which government agencies, from local to federal, should be paying attention to.

But how to attract these workers to a government position?  There are 6 Must Have benefits to attract millennials, according to this piece by Heffron Insurance Brokers, including flexible scheduling and teleworking.  However, with the unique security requirements in the public sector, how feasible is it to support remote work while maintaining compliance?  Enter FedRAMP authorized UCaaS.

How UCaaS enables Telework for Government Agencies

How UCaaS Enables Telework

In today’s fast-paced culture, people are constantly on the go and more workers are insisting on flexible schedules and telework to be able to balance their work life with their personal life.  When working to meet this demand, there are several key things you should look for specific to mobility as you are evaluating telework options.

Soft Clients/Mobile Apps

A soft client is essentially a “software phone,” meaning it can run on any computing device. Users can download the client to their computer and make and receive calls from anywhere with internet connectivity.  Soft clients can also refer to apps that can be downloaded onto users’ smart phones.  This technology enables users to make calls from their smart phone and have it look like they are calling from their desk phone.

Single Number Reach

Also commonly referred to as “Find Me/Follow Me,” single number reach allows a user to have incoming calls ring both their desk phone and an additional target phone number. This phone can be a mobile phone or a traditional time division multiplex (TDM) digital or analog line. Additionally, the built-in scheduling feature allows them to redirect calls at specific hours or on certain days, while personalized access lists determine which calls are forwarded to remote destinations.   Users can also change their presence directly from the mobile client, allowing them to set their availability on the fly should something come up and they do not want to be disturbed.

Single Inbox

Do the solutions being evaluated have interconnected messaging systems?  A Single Mailbox allows users to retrieve their voicemail via email and unanswered calls can be redirected to a main voicemail system, regardless of the settings a user has through their desk or mobile phone.

E911 Integration

E911 might seem like a no brainer but it is one that is often taken for granted.  Specific data is entered into a PBX solution that tells the 911 operator on the other end where that endpoint is physically located, even down to what cubicle the call is coming from.  The same works for the soft phone or mobile app, allowing for the call to be routed to the appropriate PSAP and operator for the callers’ specific location.

The best news?

All of these features are included in one integrated, secure platform: collab9.  If you are looking to more actively recruit millennials, and you have a UCaas system installed, then you are already on your way to supporting attractive perks like BYOD and telework.  But if not, with an infrastructure designed to meet NIST 800-53 requirements and the first FedRAMP authorized UCaaS provider, Collab9’s secure hosted UC Platform offers a number of benefits to your agency.  To learn more, speak with a member of our team by filling out this form.

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