Three Reasons Why State and Local Government Can Benefit from Hosted UC

The benefits of hosted unified communications have often been cited as cloud-based models have gained popularity.  Analyst firm Gartner even dedicated a report to the topic, which it titled Digital Disruptions in the Unified Communications and Collaboration Market.

The report cites benefits including low cost of ownership, agility, and ease of use. Going further, Gartner reports that the potential benefit to the enterprise is “high,” despite a moderate level of disruption expected in the industry in the coming years. With the benefits of migrating to a hosted model now apparent, industry-specific applications of the technology have started to emerge. State and local government entities, in particular, can utilize the technology to help meet agency objectives, align with government-wide strategic initiatives, and achieve the following three benefits.

Three Reasons Why State and Local Government Can Benefit from Hosted UC

Hosted UC Benefits for SLED

Deliver a Common Experience across all Agency Departments

One challenge facing many state and local government agencies is the disparate communication systems used by different groups throughout the organization. By moving to one, integrated platform, agencies can facilitate cross-departmental collaboration and increase the overall efficiency of their communication systems. Further, hosted UC platforms offer a consistent experience across multiple devices, facilitating remote work and making it easier for agency staff to interact and be productive.

Reduce Capital Expenditure

State and local government IT initiatives can often be hindered by an agency’s lack of direct control over state-wide budgets. While often at the mercy of such budgetary restraints, hosted UC solutions are a logical step for these agencies, as such an upgrade requires little to no capital expense. In many cases, they can leverage existing investments in their current solutions as core components of their cloud migration strategy.

Accelerate Digital Transformation

Like their federal cousins, state and local governments are being called upon to deliver digital transformation for their organization. The problem: achieving transformation is often a long and arduous process for which there often isn’t an established road map. Within their own agencies, preparing staff who may be resistant to change or accustomed to legacy systems and processes may prove  to be challenging. To address these challenges for state and local government agencies and expedite the modernization lifecycle, UCaaS provide state and local agencies the ability to migrate at their own pace – either in a hybrid or purely hosted setup. Furthermore, with a trusted provider in the mix, such as collab9, agencies can leverage migration support as well as off-sourced maintenance and a reduced burden on their internal IT staff.

Why collab9 for SLED

As the original FedRAMP authorized UCaaS provider catering to state and local government with infrastructure designed to meet NIST 800-53 requirements and a NASPO contract holder, collab9 is the ideal partner to help SLED agencies begin their journey to the cloud. If you’d like to learn more, fill out this form to speak with our SLED leadership team.

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