Cloud for K-12 Educational Institutions

Faced with shrinking budgets, schools are always looking for ways to increase the efficiency of their management and administration, while ensuring a safe and secure learning environment for its faculty and student body. With the flexibility and access it offers, the cloud is a great springboard for schools looking to modernize.

Educational institutions (K-12) understand the importance of developing a strategy to cater to an evolving learning experience. This current wave of technology innovation is ushering in new methods for students to learn. They want to absorb knowledge in a personalized manner, via their own preferred devices (tablets, phones, etc.), and schools need to adapt to this trend to improve the overall learning experience. Our Unified Communications as a Service platform, available via a turn-key subscription service, not only helps K-12 educational institution meet this objective, but also achieve a number of benefits.

Unified Communications for K-12

With its robust and secure infrastructure, and diverse range of services, including voice, video, voicemail, and presence, collab9’s UCaaS solution is tailored for education. With collab9, your educational institution will be able to:

Create Diverse and Innovative Learning Environments

In the classroom, students are often limited by resources, including outdated textbooks, videos, and content. With collab9, online events and training can be delivered to faculty and students. Help students learn by bringing guest speakers and experts to them virtually. Foster a more media rich interactive learning environment where students and teachers can learn from educators from multiple locations.

Extend learning beyond the traditional classroom

Video conferencing enables educators to build on their skillsets and take learning beyond the classroom. With UCaaS, teachers can interact and share knowledge from around the world. Save costs by eliminating travel expenses associated with bringing in guest speakers.

Improve management efficiency and administration

With collab9’s collaboration capabilities, you can widen the scope of your educational institution’s interactions. Our UCaaS solution facilitates virtual class sessions – in the event that a student or teacher has missed a class – or meetings with remote employees or students. The cloud can help accelerate communication within your organization and increase collaboration between different departments on campus

To learn more about how collab9’s UCaaS solution can benefit your educational institution, request information today.

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