Cloud for Higher Education

In the past, higher education institutions used physical paper copies to communicate campus wide alerts. With the enormous amount of information that needs to be communicated today, that format just won’t cut it.

Education has become a critical step to success, which has led higher education institutions to seek a communication and collaboration platform that can provide seamless real-time interactions throughout their campuses.

A modern adaptive communication and collaboration platform to connect students, faculty, and staff may be the solution. collab9’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform has a solution tailored specifically for the higher education industry.

By unifying communication in the cloud under a single UC platform, higher education institutions will be able to:

  • Update existing infrastructure
  • Improve administrative efficiency
  • Boost Security
  • Facilitate a Stronger Learning Environment

Update Existing Infrastructure

Higher education institutions that are still lingering on outdated infrastructure, such as old telecom or server equipment, should realize that their maintenance headaches can come to an end. collab9’s secure UCaaS can help lower costs by driving down the time and costs associated with maintenance. UCaaS, once deemed too expensive for universities, is proving to be cost effective.  There is no need to upgrade your infrastructure. With collab9, there are tools in place to ensure your infrastructure is up-to-date.

Improve Administrative Efficiency

Improve administrative efficiency by offering greater flexibility in your communications. Host trainings more frequently by going virtual. With constant collaboration, your employees will be able to meet the high demands of a higher education institution.

Voicemail, email, fax, and added IP phone functionality can improve your responsiveness to timely projects.

Boost Safety and Security

In the event of an emergency, having collab9’s UCaaS Solution can help resolve the problem. With an IP phone in every classroom, quick response times, and dynamic tracking of phone locations can direct first responders to the right classroom, office, or building. Improve the safety of your higher education institution by giving quick live updates to students and faculty.

Despite lingering fears higher education institutions may have, UCaaS can help boost security. Collab9 serves multiple industries, including some with a multitude of regulations. Collab9’s infrastructure was built with security in mind. Our platform is hosted in a renowned secure data center: SSAE 16 SOC 2 type II.  With collab9, you can rest assured that confidential student and faculty profiles, transcripts, financial aid, and other important information will be secure in the cloud.

Facilitate a Stronger Learning Environment

Enhance the learning experience by building a stronger environment. Students and faculty can gain expanded 24 hour communication, which can increase educational opportunities. Switching to collab9’s UCaaS solution can open the door to international communication and resource collaboration. Expanding the scope of resources can really help enrich the overall learning experience for higher education institutions.

Collab9’s UCaaS platform remains a viable solution for higher education institutions looking to move to the cloud. A unified communications system can help students, faculty, and staff lower costs from on-premise infrastructure, improve overall efficiency, increase security and safety on campus, and build a stronger learning environment. To learn more about UCaaS capabilities for the higher education industry, request information.

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