Why State Agencies are Moving to the Cloud

State agencies stand to gain a number of benefits from retiring on-premise communication infrastructure. By migrating to a cloud-hosted solution, state organizations can reduce their costs, simplify maintenance, improve communication, increase citizen engagement with more reliable communication systems, and safeguard their operations with business continuity/disaster recovery functionality.

By partnering with the first FedRAMP authorized Unified Communications as a Service provider in the nation, state agencies can follow the secure path to cloud adoption set forth for federal agencies with the FedRAMP security assessment framework. The stringent measures taken to ensure federal-grade security were designed according to NIST 800-53, which state agencies are also encouraged to follow.

With the reassurance of a secure, FedRAMP authorized provider, state agencies can achieve the following UCaaS benefits.

Why State Agencies are Moving to the Cloud – collab9


Scale infrastructure to meet the changing demands of your operation. Our hosted solution is offered via a flexible deployment model. You are charged per user per month so you only pay for what you use – nothing more. Unlike traditional on-premise set-ups, you aren’t forced to maintain hardware that you no longer use.


To tailor to an industry that requires the most secure infrastructure, we’ve built our infrastructure on according to the most stringent security measures including the NIST 800-53, the set of recommended security controls for federal government organizations. Inherent security measures including redundancy, and site to site failover ensure that your critical agency data is never compromised.

Maintain Citizen Engagement

Never miss a call or lose critical data with automatic failover and site-to-site recovery. You can’t afford to disengage. Given our robust infrastructure, critical internal and external communications will not be compromised.

Cut Costs and Meet Budget Constraints

Our hosted unified communication bundles together all the services that your organization needs to collaborate for one predictable monthly rate. Avoid the capital expenditure associated with on-prem infrastructure and let the cloud’s subscription costing model work in your organization’s favor – even in the wake of shrinking budgets.

Offload Maintenance

Why burden internal resources with on-premise infrastructure maintenance. When you migrate to a hosted unified communication solution, never worry about updates or maintenance again.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our data is hosted in Los Angeles and Chicago data centers. Following a disruptive event in either location, fail-over will ensure the continuity of your operations.

Next Steps for State and Local Organizations

Contact us today for a custom assessment of your communication solution. Our hosted unified communication solution is available from your trusted delivery partner.

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