collab9’s UCaaS Solution was featured in a Software Advice Case Study

April 1, 2016

In the article, it was described how collab9’s secure UCaaS solution unified siloed communications at Raymond Handling concepts, a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Corporation. The company was hindered by on-premise infrastructure, including traditional PBX and legacy systems. Matt Presson, product manager at collab9 is quoted saying that “we originally deployed seven branches for Raymond Handling Concepts across multiple states. Eventually, they required a new branch in Boise. Since they were already up and running in the cloud […], we just needed to order a new circuit for that site and add it to the current setup. We had them up and running after a couple of days.”

To learn more about migrating your collaboration infrastructure to the cloud, view the entire case study online, visit our collab9 overview page, or request information.

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