Government Matters Discussion About Federal Data Strategy

July 26, 2019

Federal Data Strategy as per Steven Boberski

With the massive outburst of data and different types of data pouring in on a daily basis, analysts believe there would become a challenge of managing the massive data and we should look for finding solutions that can be flexible enough and also future proof. The Office of Management and Budget is gathering and reviewing input from the industry on the Federal Data Strategy and the type of role that can be played by the industry in federal data strategy execution.

Steven Boberski, vice president of business development and product management at collab9 in an interview with “Government Matters” highlighted that the current draft is good, but far too slow in its implementation.

For detailed interview about the question that still persists about what the industry should watch in the execution of the Federal Data Strategy, Please review the below video.

Source of this News: Govmatters

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