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Cisco is a collab9 partner

Cisco collab9 technology partner

As a Cisco MSCP Advanced Certified partner, collab9’s Hosted Collaboration Solution is based on Cisco networking technology. collab9 utilizes Cisco technology so that organizations aren’t burdened with pain points typically associated with cloud-based communication services such as reliability, performance and security.

Through Collab9, organizations can leverage all the benefits that Cisco Powered Cloud Service offers:

  • Solutions delivered on Cisco validated architecture
  • Managed server providers go through strict Cisco qualifications
  • All Cisco based services are third party audited to prove assured performance

End-to-end security for all on and off premise devices

Equinix is a collab9 partner

Equinix collab9 technology partner

For data storage and backup, collab9 has partnered with Equinix , utilizing its Los Angeles and Chicago data centers. To ensure quality service, Equinix has expanded its offerings to meet the growing demands of virtualization and cloud computing. Through its partnership with Equinix, collab9 delivers:

  • Reliable and scalable data centers
  • Cloud applications delivered directly to carrier backbones to power enterprise WANs
  • Applications delivered directly, mobile Internet and broadband networks via Equinix Internet Exchange
  • Reduced latency with cloud platform set within client’s proximity
  • Cost efficiency achieved due to simple networking A highly efficient uptime record of 99.999%, ensures a secure and responsive infrastructure

Sagemcom is a collab9 partner

Sagemcom collab9 technology partner

collab9 has partnered with Sagemcom’s XMediusFax for its virtual faxing service. XmediaFax is an advanced fax server solution designed to handle complex network infrastructures. With XmediaFax you can leverage the following benefits:

  • Delivers faxes directly to users’ inbox, lowering print costs and enhancing productivity
  • Eliminate the use of fax boards and analogue lines, thus increasing ROI
  • Time consumed by traditional faxing is reduced by 90%
  • Charges for multi-branch and long distance faxing are also reduced by 90%
  • Cost-optimized and tailored application integration
  • Encrypts documents for security and sends faxes to approved recipients
  • Provides disaster recovery
  • Supports mobile technology interface
  • Green technology optimization

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