collab9’s Hosted UC Service for Federal Agencies

After years of deliberation, federal agencies are now moving ahead with implementing cloud-based IT solutions. Spurred by the implementation of Fed RAMP security standards and financial needs, agencies are eager to start realizing the flexibility, cost-savings, and mobile capabilities of the cloud. The switch is an important part of enabling agencies to meet diverse missions, while working within tight budgets.

Yet, just like weather clouds, there are different types of IT cloud solutions. How do federal agencies know which one is right for them?
One solution stands out for its ability to save agencies money year over year and move away from having to purchase and maintain internal systems. Hosted UC Service work for government operations of any size. They are fully scalable and support multiple devices and applications on one platform. An Hosted UC Service cloud system can grow with an expanding mission, or can be more easily downsized over systems owned and physically located within an agency.

Cisco and collab9 have come together to offer a flexible, reliable Hosted UC Service cloud service specially tailored for the federal market. Backed by Cisco’s trusted products and secure supply chain, specialized Comstor federal know-how, and collab9’s unique cloud technology, this Hosted UC Service service offers a full range of cloud-based applications.

collab9, however, offers all of the most popular features and is the first and only Cisco-based cloud solution in the process of becoming FedRAMP certified. For an overview see the below video.

Voice, voice mail, unified messaging, point-to-point video, and mobility are some of the most sought after features federal IT executives are looking for in a cloud solution. Being able to obtain these services via a low risk, subscription-based model means not having to worry about capital expenditures. Finding these solutions, though, from a FedRAMP-certified, FISMA-compliant provider could be difficult.

The collab9’s Hosted UC Service solutions these needs and means federal buyers never have to worry about obsolete hardware or software again. It includes automatic software updates and resource optimization. It can even help busy federal IT professionals broaden the scope of services they offer their internal clients.
Chief Financial Officers will like Hosted UC Service solutions as well. The ability to be scalable either up or down, allows for more accurate budgeting. Not having to buy or maintain equipment is a significant advantage also. It helps free up IT budgets for other needs, while lowering yearly expenses for the services provided through the Hosted UC Service solution.

Cloud services can offer agencies sizeable advantages. The sea of cloud offerings available to them, though can cause significant confusion and could even delay the ability of some to realize the improved performance and budgetary savings that come with them. Federal IT officials need to ensure that the solution they select is from a trusted supplier, with federal experience and great technology.

Powered by Cisco, the collab9’s Hosted UC Service solution has all three.

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