Why UCaaS for Commercial Businesses

Tasked with managing aging telecom infrastructure? An on-premise phone system can weigh your organization down with unnecessary, compounding costs and sub-standard performance. With an increasingly mobile workforce, an inefficient communication system will quickly add up to productivity loss and wasted resources.

By migrating to the cloud with collab9’s FedRAMP Authorized Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform, you can negate these challenges and upgrade without taking on significant capital expenditure.

Who is collab9?

When you migrate to the cloud, you need to do it securely, otherwise your business will be exposed to vulnerabilities. Collab9 is America’s First FedRAMP authorized UCaaS provider. In order to qualify for FedRAMP authorization, collab9 infrastructure was measured up to government-grade security standards. These measures also apply to industries with compliance regulations, and offer peace of mind for any organization looking to safeguard its infrastructure.

What is Unified Communications as a Service (UCaas)?

To learn more about collab9’s Unified Communications as a Service solution offering, explore its six functionally rich solution components: voice, unified messaging, presence, mobility, conferencing and contact center.

Collab9 is rooted in best-of-breed architecture, which delivers reliable, top tier performance to keep your organization connected anytime, anywhere.

Additional UCaaS Resources for Commercial Organizations

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