Secure Cloud Communications for City Government

To further your organization’s ability to serve your community in the most cost-effective, efficient, and progressive manner possible, consider the impact that moving to a cloud UC  and  solution could have on your operations. A cloud-based solution can prove to be lower cost, more agile, and easier to maintain when compared to traditional, on-premise solutions. Furthermore, a hosted voice and collaboration solution from collab9 can help your team achieve more in your region.

Citizen Engagement

As a city government agency, you are constantly called to better serve citizens while meeting regional objectives. By improving your operations with a modern Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution, you can work towards these objectives in the most efficient manner possible. UCaaS solutions like our industry-leading, best-of-breed UCaaS platform, empower users to communicate more effectively utilizing multiple, interconnected channels. These channels include: voice, messaging, conferencing, and presence tools. With these tools and the power of cloud technology, users can interact and collaborate more effectively than ever before.

Successful Project Execution

With the productivity benefits of a hosted voice and collaboration solution, your organization can work towards quicker, more effective project execution.

Budget Utilization

Remain accountable to your community with cost-saving strategies offered by a cloud-based voice and communication solution. Our pay-per-user pricing model allows your organization to leverage cutting-edge communication tools with no significant capital investment. For an inclusive, flat monthly rate, you can modernize your communication systems while achieving ROI with gains in productivity, collaboration and operational efficiency.


Collab9 offers America’s First FedRAMP authorized UCaaS solution. To obtain FedRAMP authorization, collab9 demonstrated adherence to FedRAMP security requirements that are based on NIST 800-53 standards. While city agencies are not subject to federal security requirements, city agencies can benefit from following FedRAMP’s “standardized approach security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring.” By partnering with a FedRAMP authorized provider, city government agencies be assured that their data is hosted in a government vetted system.

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