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UCaaS for Federal Agencies

After years of deliberation, federal agencies are now implementing cloud-based services at an unprecedented rate. With the reassurance offered by FedRAMP’s security assessment framework and clear financial incentives a growing number of agencies are eager to leverage cloud technology.

A first step for agencies contemplating their move to the cloud is to determine which workloads they want to migrate. For the many agencies who have already migrated their email systems into the cloud, hosted voice, also known as Unified Communications as a Service, is a natural next step. Hosted voice is the second most common cloud workload – after email - and it offers a number of benefits to the federal government sector including improved productivity, cost reduction, and operational efficiency. Our service, collab9, is uniquely suited for federal government, as we were the 1st provider authorized by FedRAMP.

UCaaS Benefits for Federal Government Agencies


UCaaS solutions can be scaled to meet the needs of any agency. Unlike traditional on-premise systems, our UCaaS solution isn’t fixed and can be adjusted to meet changing requirements. For added savings, avoid capital expenditure with our pay per use subscription.


The way people work has changed. Keep up with this trend and equip your agency with the best technology available today. With collab9, users can leverage the latest voice, voicemail, unified messaging, point-to-point video, IM and mobility features in one interconnected platform.

Minimize Burden on Your Staff

Get future updates and releases automatically, and never worry about obsolete hardware or software again. Not having to buy or maintain equipment is also a significant advantage. A cloud-based solution like collab9 helps free up IT budgets for other needs, while lowering overall expense. Furthering the benefit to your staff, we offer level 2 and 3 support to allow your resources to focus on other strategic initiatives.

Additional Resources for Federal Agencies

collab9 offers a number of benefits to federal agencies, but not all cloud solutions are created equal. Ensure the cloud solution you choose is from a trusted supplier, with federal experience and superior technology. As America’s first FedRAMP authorized UCaaS provider, we uniquely cater to your requirements and can facilitate your move to the cloud.

For more information, contact us or see our FedRAMP page.

Powered by Cisco, collab9 is a Hosted UC Service solution that has all three benefits.

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