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Why Upgrade to a Cloud PBX System

Cloud PBX Systems for Commercial and Public Sector Organizations

It’s time to upgrade your legacy phone system. Cloud PBX systems offer a number of advantages over traditional PBX architecture. Connect over the internet via Voice Over IP (VoIP) technology, delivered through a Cloud PBX system.

Cost-Effective Cloud PBX Solutions

Cloud PBX systems offer a cost-effective alternative to legacy solutions. A Cloud PBX system from collab9 is offered via a pay-per-use, consumption-based model, so your business can upgrade as an Operational Expenditure (OPEX). Moving to the cloud will help you simplify and consolidate expenses. You pay one predictable, flat rate per user, per month.

Simplified Maintenance of Cloud PBX Systems

Maintaining PBX systems in the cloud proves much simpler than the maintenance involved with on-site architecture. With a cloud PBX system, you don’t have to worry about maintenance or updates. In addition to that, as your Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) partner, we offer support so your staff can focus on strategic initiatives.

When you migrate to the cloud you no longer have to maintain on-premise PBX equipment, which typically proves to be time-consuming and costly. With a cloud PBX solution, your communications will be hosted in our highly secure, tier 3+ data centers.

Scalability and Agility in the Cloud

Another benefit of cloud-hosted phone systems is the ease at which you can scale. It’s quick and easy to spin up new users via a cloud PBX system. Plus, you’re not tied to a physical location, like you would be with on-site architecture. Relocating or accommodating virtual workers also proves to be much easier, given the agility of a cloud solution.

How to Upgrade a Legacy Phone System

Keep reading about the benefits of a cloud PBX system via our “Why Cloud” page. You can also contact us for a custom assessment from one of our cloud specialists.

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