Mobility Support from collab9 UCaaS

Connect Anywhere, Flexible Unified Communications

With more workers requiring mobility support than ever before, your business is challenged with enabling employees to connect anywhere while maintaining security protocol. collab9’s Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) platform provides the flexibility that your employees ask for – giving users the ability to redirect incoming calls to different destinations, such as mobile phones. Users can also seamlessly transition between devices: transferring an active call from their desktop phone to their mobile phone and back again.

Soft Clients from collab9 Secure Hosted UC

collab9 provides mobile users with a rich set of unified communication tools. With access to the corporate network from the office, on the road, or from home, mobile users can use their laptops, tablets or smartphone clients to leverage collab9’s suite of unified communications applications.

Single Number Reach (SNR)

Users can streamline communications by defining a single number that can be redirected to multiple phones simultaneously. By publishing a single number, users can answer calls on their desk phones, mobile phones or a designated remote work phone. The built-in scheduling feature allows them to redirect calls at specific hours or on certain days, while personalized access lists determine which calls are forwarded to remote destinations.

Single Inbox

For added efficiency for mobile users, collab9 messaging systems are interconnected. Voicemail can be retrieved via email and unanswered calls can be redirected to the enterprise voicemail system, regardless of redirection to desk or mobile phone.

Mobility Features and Capabilities

  • Single number reach (SNR)
  • Enterprise inbox for all voicemails
  • Soft clients for laptops or desktops
  • Clients for tablets and smartphones
  • Access to mobility settings from the Self-Care Portal
  • Integration with presence

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