Telecom and PSTN Services

collab9’s telecom services offer unparalleled reliability, security and value for customers. Our services are designed for ease of integration and connectivity. Most carrier networks are designed for retail or standalone resale, but collab9 has custom built its telecommunication services to meet customer requirements.

We offer a range of PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) services including line number portability, DID allocation and reservation, local and long distance dialing, international dialing, and emergency call routing. Dedicated SIP trunk aggregation deployment offers flexible routing, security and high-availability. Customers are able to take advantage of central break out (CBO) and combine their inbound/outbound dialing in our cloud service.

Features and Benefits:

Collab9’s telecom and PSTN services offer a number of benefits and exclusive features including:

  • Carrier class infrastructure including session border controllers, billing and application servers
  • Flexible PSTN services based on SIP Protocol
  • Dedicated customer trunks for capacity and scalability
  • Redundant paths for failover and disaster recovery
  • Single point of contact and billing for Unified Communications and PSTN services
  • Class of service restrictions for Local, Long Distance and International Dialing
  • Detailed billing and call records
  • Compliant with FCC regulations including CPNI and CALEA

Products and Services

Local and Long Distance

Broad footprint and availability in the United States. Flexible rate plans are available including unlimited local and long distance. DIDs (phone numbers) available in a wide range of markets.

International Dialing

High quality international call routing to anywhere in the world.

Toll-Free service

Offer toll-free access to your customers anywhere in the United States. Toll free number provisioning and flexible billing.

Line Number Portability

Collab9 offers full service line number portability. Port your numbers to our service in 48 states.

DID Allocation and Reservation

Allocate and reserve DIDs in a wide range of US markets. Ability to redirect any DID to an extension or external number.


Emergency call routing to nearest PSAP. Provision E911 service on any DID

411 Information Services (Directory Assistance)

Provision 411 services on any DID

T.38 Fax services

Support for faxing on SIP using industry standard T.38

Caller ID

Inbound and outbound caller ID delivery, and the ability to attach CNAM to any DID.

For Additional Information

For more information about collab9 services, including telecom and PSTN, please request information or a quote today.

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