Benefits of a UCaaS Solution

What is UCaaS?

The term UCaaS refers to unified communication solutions that are delivered “as a service.” This means they are delivered via the Internet, often by way of a cloud service provider. With the changing nature of the workforce, and an increased need to support and connect multiple communication channels, UCaaS solutions have been gaining popularity, particularly among large-scale commercial and public sector organizations.

Connecting Workers via UCaaS Solutions

To stay competitive, it is imperative that workers can access communication services – and have a consistent experience – across multiple devices. Simply put, communication mechanisms should work the way that your employees do. Collab9’s UCaaS solution does just that – via an easy-to-manage platform that opens up a number of benefits that are unique to a hosted solution.

UCaaS Versus On-Premise Solutions

You can eliminate on-premise hardware with a hosted UCaaS solution. What benefits does this offer your organization?

Simplified Management – UCaaS Solution

Simplified Management

with a UCaaS solution, you can retire on-prem hardware, and the responsibility of managing it. Collab9 also offers level 2 support to guide ongoing maintenance of your infrastructure.



With a UCaaS solution you pay via a budget-friendly OPEX model with minimal upfront costs.


Empower Mobile Workers

Mobility initiatives are imperative, given the changing nature of the workforce.



UCaaS solutions are scalable, meaning that you can adjust resource use in accordance with the changing needs of your organization.

For more on the benefits that UCaaS offers as compared to an equivalent on-premise solution, see our Why Cloud page.

Why UCaaS from Collab9?

At collab9, we offer the unique value of a UCaaS solution. We deliver our solution via our SSAE 16 SOC 2 type II data center infrastructure. Our data center infrastructure was designed to meet the most stringent security requirements as mandated by the federal government in their NIST 800-53 standards. With the combined value of industry-leading technology, and a robust data center infrastructure that meets the most stringent security standards in our nation, a UCaaS solution from collab9 is unparalleled.

To learn more about collab9 and UCaaS, contact us today.

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