UCaaS and Cloud Adoption in Law Enforcement

Despite initial hesitation and prevalent security concerns, many law enforcement agencies now consider cloud to be a viable platform.

However, many remain unsure of how to successfully migrate their systems to the cloud. Adding to the complexity, an International Association of Chiefs of Police (also known as IACP and SafeGov) survey shows that when law enforcement agencies consider cloud migration, the decision-making authority extends beyond IT. Police chiefs and sheriffs are actively engaged in the evaluation process, and often seek guidance from prospective vendors for effective planning and implementation.

Despite the initial barriers to migration, cloud-based platforms can help law enforcement agencies cope with a common challenge in their industry: decreasing budgets. By migrating their systems to the cloud, law enforcement agencies can effectively cut costs and meet increasing pressure from city hall to achieve new efficiencies in the wake of budget cuts.

In order to achieve these benefits, agencies must identify the right workloads to move to the cloud. Along with email, hosted voice and collaboration is a natural place to start for law enforcement agencies looking to reap the benefits of cloud and achieve new operational efficiencies.

A UCaaS Solution that Lays Down the Law

Given the sensitive nature of agency data, law enforcement must consider security controls before migrating any workload to the cloud. In the case of collab9’s Unified Communications as Service (UCaaS) platform, agencies can migrate their communication systems to the cloud without compromising security.

collab9’s best-of-breed secure hosted UC platform can help police and other law enforcement agencies unify their communications platforms in the cloud, with services including:

  • Unified messaging that integrates voicemail and email
  • Video calling
  • Mobility, IM, and presence
  • Microsoft Office 365, Skype for Business, and Gmail Integration
  • Emergency 911 functionality

With collab9’s secure hosted UCaaS solution, voice, IM, presence, and audio/video/web conferencing work in sync to help drive more efficient communication between organizations, within networks, and around the world.

UCaaS Benefits for Law Enforcement


collab9 is America’s First FedRAMP Authorized UCaaS provider.  The Federal Risk and Authorization Management Program offers a “standardized approach to security assessment, authorization and continuous monitoring” designed to meet some of the most stringent security standards today, set forth in NIST 800-53 for the public sector. While law enforcement is not subject to these standards, agencies can benefit from the stringent security controls instituted by collab9 in order to achieve FedRAMP authorization.


In the law enforcement industry, communication is key. Whether officers are in precinct or on patrol, they need to be able to communicate the most up-to-date information to assist in their decision making. Because of the time-sensitive nature of law enforcement data, quick access can mean the difference between life and death.

Law enforcement agencies looking for a more efficient means of keeping their agency connected can significantly benefit from a cloud-hosted communications platform.

Cut Costs

Cost concerns are also preventing law enforcement from widespread cloud adoption. Many organizations still believe cloud UCaaS technology to be cost-prohibitive, but the cloud can actually help law enforcement agencies cut costs. See collab9’s ROI calculator to see the significant cost savings available to those who migrate.

Why Migrate to collab9’s UCaaS solution?

By harnessing collab9’s UCaaS solution, law enforcement agencies can drive efficiencies and performance, cut costs, all without compromising security. To learn more about collab9’s UCaaS solution, visit our secure hosted UC page. If collab9’s secure hosted UC solution is of interest for your law enforcement agency, please contact us today!

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