Enhance Mobility with a collab9 Secure UC Solution

The proliferation of mobile devices combined with the advent of nearly ubiquitous Wi-Fi internet access has driven the migration of organizations large and small to a virtual office environment.  While the benefits of mobility are plentiful, the geographic distribution of the modern workforce radically changes team dynamics:  as face to face meetings more frequently become the exception, the need to provide secure, easily accessible collaboration solutions is more prevalent than ever.

Facilitate Mobile Work with UCaaS

We can address this challenge with the modern communication tools available via collab9’s Secure hosted Unified Communications solution.  Secure UC includes all the tools you’ll need to connect your workforce. What’s more, our fully integrated suite of UC products can be accessed via multiple devices. A consistent experience and persistent content is available across devices to support mobile work.

Productivity Tools and Unified Communications

Additionally, there are several communication modes available to connect your workforce. Users can send instant messages to address quick questions, escalate to a video call to review items in more depth, and loop in colleagues via a conference call to share their findings. When these tools are bundled together in one solution from one trusted provider, they prove most effective, and can help workers achieve enhanced productivity.

Features such as presence and instant messaging  allow your workforce to save time and energy when reaching out to colleagues. Presence allows users to see when a colleague is available or tied up on another call. This ensures that productivity is not lost while trying to reach someone at an inopportune time.

More Benefits of a UCaaS Solution

To learn more, read up on additional UCaaS benefits on our “why cloud” page. We can also have one of our cloud specialists reach out to you for a more personalized discussion – contact us at any time to connect.

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