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Move to the Light Side with UCaaS

Are you still running legacy software and an old PBX infrastructure? Whether you’re looking to increase productivity, reduce costs, or improve collaboration, it’s time to look to tools that can help modernize your business.

Limitations of PBX Infrastructure

Running your communications on-premises may come with a number of headaches and unnecessary complications. Moreover, in the event of a disaster, your ability to communicate internally and externally may be at risk. If your servers were to go down, your communications would go down with it.

Don’t leave your communication infrastructure vulnerable. There are times when you need to connect with customers, when your employees need to collaborate, and when you need to meet deadlines. You need a reliable infrastructure to ensure these functions will be compromised, and an outdated on premises infrastructure just won’t cut it.

Modernize your business and shift from on-premises infrastructure to collab9’s hosted unified communications platform. Collab9’s hosted unified communications equip your team with all the latest tools and capabilities. Plus, our service includes monitoring and maintenance. And in the cloud, you can forget about time-consuming upgrades.

Update your business with cloud-powered voice and collaboration that integrates voice, video, web conferencing, messaging, and mobility. All these tools are bundled in one predictable, monthly subscription package.

Modernize Your Organization Now

Partner with collab9 today and see what your company achieve with modern collaboration tools. For more information, please request information today.
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