Leverage UCaaS to Simplify Management

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) solution offers a number of benefits. Given an increasingly overextended workforce,leveraging a third party to maintain your infrastructure can prove incredibly valuable for your organization.  Empower your associates to focus on strategic initiatives.Don’t weigh them down with maintenance of outdated hardware and support issues that could be handled by an external cloud partner like collab9.

Stop Maintaining On-Premise Hardware

Stop Maintaining On-Premise Hardware

When you migrate your communication infrastructure to the cloud, you can retire on-premise hardware. Maintaining legacy equipment can prove incredibly time-consuming. This effort is increasingly futile, when you consider the obsolescence of on-premise systems and widespread adoption of UCaaS solutions in the enterprise.

Support from Your Unified Communications Partner

Leverage Support from Your Unified Communications Partner, collab9

In addition to helping your retire legacy hardware by migrating to the cloud, we offer level 2 and 3 support. With collab9 as your UCaaS provider, you no longer have to handle this support internally, and can free up your resources to focus on more strategic initiatives. Resolution to your issues is just one call away.

Plus, we handle system upgrades. You’ll always have the latest technology, but you don’t need to worry about implementing it.

With a UCaaS solution deployed by collab9, there are no upgrades, no maintenance and no headaches.

More Cloud Benefits from a UCaaS Solution

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