Leverage UCaaS to Support Mobility

It’s inevitable that your employees will perform more work via mobile devices than they did previously. The industry has changed with mobile devices playing a more central role in business operations, which can be observed in both the commercial and public sectors. Tech officers are now challenged with implementing mobility initiatives so their employees can get work done regardless of the device they use. Organizations that successfully deploy mobility initiatives stand to gain a number of benefits including: increased productivity, improved collaboration, stronger lines of communication between geographically dispersed teams and happier workers!

By modernizing your communication infrastructure with a unified communications system hosted in the cloud you can rapidly implement mobile support. Unified Communications as Service, or UCaaS, delivers a consistent experience across devices, offering interconnected communication tools that help users work smarter. With a communication system powered by the cloud, your organization will start to enjoy the benefits of true mobility support.

UCaaS Mobility Support and Increased Productivity

Work doesn’t just happen in the office or within the hours of 9 and 5. With mobile devices in hand, workers have the freedom to work from home, on the go, or when traveling. However, to do so most effectively, they require access to the programs and tools they need to get work done. Their communication and collaboration tools are some of the most critical. UCaaS services not only offer access to these tools on a variety of devices, the experience is consistent and intuitive so users can be effective and productive when operating outside of the office. Collab9’s UCaaS service includes features like single number reach, unified messaging, and extension mobility that are designed to help facilitate work outside of the office. Notably, mobile devices can be used like soft phones, with the ability to make/accept calls from your organization’s DID.

Improve Collaboration with UCaaS Services

Chances are, cross-functional and even cross-departmental work is common within your agency. Help facilitate this collaborative work by equipping your users with the tools they need to effectively communicate. Plus with a cloud-hosted solution ensure they always have the latest tools (and versions) at their disposal without the hassle of upgrades.

UCaaS solution packages together communication and collaboration tools in one interconnected system. Users can quickly exchange information via chat, check a colleague’s availability with collab9 Presence, and convene as a group via a conference or screen share. This holds true whether users are located across the hall or across the country.

Mobility and UcaaS as an Employee Incentive

Outdated tools and barriers to get work done are detrimental to employee morale. On the other hand, equipping users with the latest technology can serve as motivation to get more accomplished. You don’t want outdated technology to reflect poorly on your agency. With an update to your communication infrastructure, facilitated by collab9, you can modernize a highly visible system within your organization.

Additional Mobility Resources

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